Latest News

Due to circumstances out of our control it seems that we (again) will not be having an exhibition in 2018 in Chania. We are deeply disappointed but we will try and remain hopeful for 2019.


Bee eater on wires outside david studio

The great news, as you will have noticed from the Home Page, is that Michaela is now able to sell all her work online. This is exciting and we hope will ensure she can afford to live without having a local exhibition this year. She has put (and is putting) a lot of time into setting it up and ensuring its success.


Her gallery on this site does not show all the work that is for sale and does not include prices. This is partly so that she does not have to keep on top of mainting accuracy on multiple sites.


Some of David's students entered the SAA competition 'Artist of the Year 2018'. This was a great advancement for members of the Totem Arts Group and an indication of how good they have become.