Tuition (and Demonstrations) from David Capon

There are four main types of tuition provided by David:

• Weekly workshops at Totem, Plaka (near Almyrida, Crete)

• One to one tuition at his studio (or outside at a suitable location)

• Distant learning via the Internet

• Holiday tuition for individuals or art groups

David is a PA with the


One of the winning students paintings from the 2013 students exhibition

One of the winning entries from the 2013 Competition - theme of "the watering can": this one, by Ruth, chosen by the group members

Totem workshops:

There are two workshops every Sunday at Totem, Plaka (close to the service station on the road to Drapanos). The workshops are open to all levels of painters and painting and drawing are taught in an easy atmosphere. Oil cannot be taught at Totem so most work is in watercolour or graphite. David provides regular demonstrations showing different techniques from basic to advanced. An emphasis is put on enjoyment and all tuition is provided in an easy atmosphere. On a normal Sunday regulars may be painting there preferences, which range from action to abstract, landscape to machinery and as always a popular subject is flora.

There is an annual students' exhibition in the spring.


One to One tuition

This can be carried out wherever the student requires, but is usually in David' studio. Tuition can be provided for all subjects and media and large canvases can be accommodated in the studio. Please contact David with details of your requirements. The cost will be dependent upon how much material David needs to provide.

Distance Learning over the Internet

Provided you have access to e-mail and can provide photos over the Internet, David will help you improve your paintings. Please contact him with your requirements if you need to use his help.


David has provided tuition for individuals on holiday. He will help individuals or provide a week's tuition for an Art Group. The tuition is based on the individual or group's requirements. He lives in a beautiful part of Crete which can provide focus for all subjects. As he lives on Crete you will not need to make any contribution towards his travel to the island etc so the prices are much less.


A coupleof paintings on display at a recent students exhibitiion at Plaka, near Chania, Crete

A couple of students' paintings from their annual exhibition