Ordering Prints of David's work

For information about ordering, delivery, privacy etc please see below or click here.

You can order prints of many types. Please click over products on the left to see various types of print. My paintings are not suitable for many types of product (e.g bath towels) but there are many choices for most prints, including phone cases and bags for instance. There is also a choice of many greetings cards; as well as prints of many paintings there are many with a specific cover (e.g happy birthday).

If your choice is a normal print (e.g on canvas or a framed watercolour) you can select various sizes to suit. You can alse select different frames, glass, mounts etc. I have deliberately set the parameters so you cannot select a print larger than the orginal painting so as the image is not distorted.

Please note that if the painting is too big for the product (e.g. throw pillow), you can adjust what is printed by placing the cursor inside the image and with the left mouse button drag the image around until you are satisfied.


Further information about ordering:

The order is fulfilled by FineArtEurope and the prints can be despatched worldwide. Click on any image above and select options such as size, frame, mount (mat), medium and add to your cart. Prints have not been made available for sizes greater than the original painting.

The options include, for example; canvas, watercolour prints, metallic prints, posters, phone cases, greeting cards. Prints are despatched from your nearest location: USA, Australia, Canada, Europe or UK, within 3 to 5 working days.

All artwork prints come with a 30 day money back guarantee (please see this link re satisfaction guarantee). Please note - Fine Art Europe does not reimburse the outgoing or return shipping charges unless the return is due to a defect.

For further information (for the moment) please contact David.

If you do not see an image for a painting that you like on this website (please note prints are not available for Michaela's work) and would like a print please contact David by email and he will arrange for prints to be made available, if possible.


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Privacy statement: Please note that online prints are dealt with by FineArtEurope - you may read their privacy policy here. David does not store any information about customers, except those that have explicitly asked to be added to his e-mail list, and does not hold card details, addresses etc Return to top